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So the Fall IBU Club competition is now open for registration.  Coffee and tea beers take center stage for the last club competition for 2015.  All BJCP styles are welcomed (and encouraged) so have some fun with this.  Please be sure that whichever style you make will highlight your coffee/tea selection.  This competition will be judged with the help of Matt at Pure Intentions Coffee and as important as the beer quality is, make sure the coffee/tea is the star of the show.  Registration closes on Nov 9 - monthly meeting night for the IBUs.  Judging will take place that following weekend at a highly caffeinated super secret location.

**This is a closed competition for paid IBU Club members.  There is no fee for members to enter as many beers as they choose.

General Information
Competition Location:   A super secret coffee haven
Date of Competition:   11/14/2015
Competition Organizer:   Jim Purvis
AHA Sanctioned?:  
Registration Opens:   9/14/2015
Registration Deadline:   11/9/2015
Entries Due:   11/9/2015
Cost for entry:   $0 per entry

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Rules For This Competition
  • Entries can be hand carried and dropped off at shipping location(s) specified below
  • 2 - 12oz bottles for each entry
  • Bottles should be free from identifying marks such as raised lettering on the bottle
  • Bottle caps must be free of writing or label. If cap has writing or label, it should be blacked out by a black marker prior to entry
  • Bottle labels should be securely affixed with a rubber band.
Shipping Locations
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Ultimate Ales

Mooresville, NC